Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Is there any nice girl around?

I know that question might pop up in most guy head. It’s just like when we were asking ‘is there any nice boy left?’

YES! to answer both.

My friends are indeed a nice girl. Seriously nice. Any man would be lucky to have them as a wife. It’s not I’m trying to jack up or anything. But, they are really nice people. Nice to themselves, nice to others and I’m sure would be a nice wife and mother. They might not a perfect home-maker because it’s something that yet to happen. Yes, they might not as pretty as Lisa Surihani but they are better off than Nur Kasih. But, would you trade a seriously nice girl to somewhat my-beauty-is-not-forever??

We might dream for someone like Luke Brandon. But, what we really need is someone who could be a decently nice husband. Others are variable and always negotiable.


  1. I do believe with a quote that "Nice Girl Finish Last".
    So all the single ladies out there, if u always wonder y u still hav not tie the knot yet, remember that quote.
    Indeed it is just a justification for all ur worrisome but trust me it really works.

    But i wonder is it true that "Nice Boy Finish 1st"?
    I hope not or else i have to forget my version of Luke Brandon, coz guy like him is either impossoble to find or grabbed by some useless lady out there.

  2. 'nice firl finish last'.. i heart it!! quite like us right? lol...