Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I’m having my dinner over TV last night… by myself

Back then, we weren’t allowed to do so… dine is on the dining table… that was it… it’s how it should be right?

Never mind… we are always in hurry catching times, so as we told ourselves… doing few tasks simultaneously…

While watching my ‘never-would-ever-missed’ and dining, I was thinking… what if I just broke up and my heart was shattered… would I still enjoying the TV and the meal? I may still sit there, watching the TV… but I would miss the jokes and the details. I may not finish my food. It would be stuck into the refrigerator. Then, I would go to bed broken heart and empty stomach…

Or on top of the shattered heart and grieving, I would still laugh over the jokes… catching few details, enjoying and finishing my meal. I would go to bed just like the other day, but with some minor cuts which can’t be seen.

Did I finish my meal? Of course...
Did I sleep well? IF

Just like what Chenta said "cinta tu memang terer jadikan kita nampak macam orang bodoh kan?"

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