Wednesday, June 23, 2010

next station... Forever!

What we call someone who isn’t really a friend or boyfriend?

I asked him why he is acting not like himself. He said he didn’t know why or what. But he hopes it’s not the sign for departure. For forever.

How many times in a day you thinking about dead? Thinking about it too hard would make one go insane… so as I heard…

I used to joke around saying ‘drive baik2 ye, saye ni belum kawin lagi…’

Then, I live knowing that I might depart anytime. Be it in 20 years time or tomorrow. We never can tell but I’m ok with it…

Until, I received a call from my client. FYI, I have numbers of back-log clients which I could not find times to open those files. Now I just wish I could live long enough to settle my never ends works. I did not want to die leaving a mess. It’s really not good if you got cursed when you are 6 feet under.

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  1. "idup pun susah mati pun susah.." apek madu tiga.