Thursday, June 10, 2010

Reason why all single girl should go and watch WORLD CUP 2010

Azzurri? Wrong!
Wayne Rooney? Lol!! He is not going anywhere with his…. But wrong!
Jose Mourinho? He is not there dear… Wrong!
1Malaysia team? What???? Wrong!
CR7? WRONG!!!!!

A friend asked me why I’m always single and available… sort of a question la… I told him it’s not that I really heart to but… just click and read those print screens.

These ym print screen (I’m a bit obsessed with print screen nowadays because I just know how to... ok, a bit lambat right…) just proved that girl should know more about football… more than who is hot, who is dating whom and others. If you want to know how the boys play it… I mean how… (Sorry, I couldn’t really write my thoughts; I’m a bit off lately…) but, you got what he tried to tell me right?

I seriously need a fresh start I guest… Gosh!!!!!! 


Now I know why those Azzurri are so obsess with me… I’m stuck with Azzurri despite their slow starter and finishing problems. It’s dated back in 1982. It goes like this; on one fine Monday morning on 20th June 1982, a sweet little girl was born in Malacca. Not much later than that on 11 July 1982, a group of talented young men called Azzurri won a world cup somewhere in Madrid. LOL!!

Did you know Azzurri means light blue? Now you know…


  1. jom stay up!!! *wink

  2. I'm a tactical and dicipline person... made me a German fan ;)

  3. roni: my place or ur place.. *wink*

    Hidemichi: We'll see k.. :)