Wednesday, June 16, 2010

si mata satu...

 Do you know what or who is si mata satu?? 


I’m not saying that she is Dajjal but...

If you want to know more about it, read Hidemichi No Sekai

Or else, go and pinjam Pendidikan Islam text book from your brother or sister... couldn’t really remember which one… hehe...

Or go and ask any Ustaz…


  1. Wat does si mata satu means?

  2. ever wonder why every prophets has warned about Dajjal to their ummah eventhough Dajjal is believed to rise during the near end of the world?

    You are simply following the Dajjal path if you only focusing on earthly pleasure and put aside the sirratul mustakim.

    Dajjal is ghaib... as like heaven and hell, angles and demons. You cannot tell the exact nature of it. Our beloved Muhammad has given many prophecies but it doesn't mean that we should look at it literally. It can be symbolic statement that we need to look deep upon it. Remember... Iqraq.

    Look around you what do you see... Do you saw the reality beyond the appearence?
    Reality and appearence is completely opposite to each other.
    "What is the meaning of beautiful?"
    "How do you tell that the women is beautiful?"
    "What Islam tells us about beautiful and what does Marie Claire say?"

  3. Kelvin,

    Just to add what Hidemichi said;

    Muslims believe that one day; Dajjal will come and try to invade the mankind. There’s no clear definition of Dajjal and the exact time it will appear. As Hidemichi explained, Dajjal is ghaib or invisible… but, we were given clue on how Dajjal will look like, what Dajjal will do and such from hadiths and prophecies. It is said that Dajjal will have right eye damaged and the left will be working.

    As of what Dajjal would do? Dajjal would claim that himself as the next Prophet and later as God. During his time, we will not believe those who honest and trustworthy.

    My ‘si mata satu’ is merely a metaphor of what Dajjal is. Literally, you could just ignore the picture.

    Hope the explanation help you to understand it better…