Friday, June 11, 2010

still want to be taken away by your smile after 25 years..

'x yah la kawin Ros…' ym-ed someone (we know each other through FB for a strange reason) when I said I’m not married yet…

ape nie? Terus rase cam malas nk tlg kakak tu lagi… (monolog dlm hati)
What about my kids? What about my dream job? What about ‘I still want to be taken away by your smile after 25 years’, what about all the goodness of marriage that I’ve been told about?
I just typed ‘hehe..’

I should told her that there is nothing wrong about marriage… it’s the people who should take the blame for failing it… but, her ship is about to sink… no use for me to told her that the situation might be different given different ocean and captain… so, I’m saving my thought for myself… and future kids.

The world today may seem creepy, bad and frightening… but, tepuk dada tanya selera iman...


  1. wow..serious business here..talking about marriage like all the time...hehe..very nice blog..very fun to read.... =)

  2. Fared; thanks.. but 'like all the time?' mane ade la.. hehe.. *wink*

  3. afendi ariff; erm, nanti kot... :D