Friday, July 16, 2010

Go Green E-mail Signatures

If you are looking a nice go-green email signature, here are some I got from the web.. It's nice to put one you know.. just as friendly reminder.. and it's kind of cool right? My favourite? Erm, I came out with my own... :)

Please consider the environment before printing this email

This Company Bullfrogpowered. Please think & act ‘sustainable’ ¬ print only if required.

How many trees must be lost so you can print your e-mail? Print responsibly.

If you print this message, you’re killing trees!

Printing this message means one more tree must die.

File this email in an email folder and save a tree.

Think before you print and save a tree.

PS Think of the trees … please don’t print off this email unless you really have to.

“Save a Tree” – Please consider the environment before printing this email.

Don’t print this, OK?

Printing this message kills trees. Printing is a murder! 

Printing this email makes Al Gore cry

Please do not print this e-mail unless you really need to do.

Printing emails is the new clubbing seals.

Rome lasted over a thousand years without printing emails. Are you really going let Nero and Elagabalus have a better impact on the environment than you?

Why print this email? You wouldn’t copy a DVD to BetaMAX.

This email was produced with the highest quality bytes and Grade-A electrons; why degrade it by printing it on an obsolete medium like paper?

Unless this is a twenty dollar bill, it isn’t worth printing. 

Here’s a useful shortcut to remember – Ctrl-P = Rampant Climate Change.

10 square miles of Rain Forest were used to print your list of Top Ten Things Cats are Thinking.

The Rare Spotted Mewling Toad agrees that printing your memo is more important than his habitat.

If man was not meant to print his emails, he would not have been given the gift of toner.

Mother Nature says: Forward All  >  Print

Welcome to the Digital Age! Printing emails went out with the fanny pack.

F.Y.I., your boss hates the sight of paper. It’s a ‘Nam thing. Maybe try forwarding instead of printing.
Printing emails is the new child abuse. You would probably kill 8.3% of a tree every time you print

Haven’t you heard? Printing is so yesterdays… Print responsibly - by indahnyasisuria



  1. But some companies still insist on having hard copy~

  2. Kelvin; yeah.. it may take sometimes to fully adopt new things..

    afendi ariff; x lame lagi ramai la kot..

    Hidemichi; u mean the very last one? hehe.. mercy! :D