Monday, July 26, 2010

If u still wearing those school uniform & get pregnant by chance, and ur parents disowned u.. No worries! There’s always State Government and its CM…

I’m planning to pause blogging for sometimes… but, there is something that really gets on my nerve. So, have to let my thought here…

How to minimize cases of babies dumping in Malaysia?

‘Special school for pregnant teens’ – a so called noble idea from Malacca’s State Government…

Muslim teenagers in the state were encouraged to get married early if they feel the urge to do so; Ali said this would help to prevent babies from being abandoned

he state government has decided to promote and help teenagers who want to get married as we strongly feel that this is the best way to prevent them, including school kids, from committing sin and worse, dumping their newborns

The special school will cater to those who are legitimately married.

But, for unmarried teenagers, they also can be part of the school but with one condition -- they must marry the baby's father.

Ali said teenagers from other states could also join the school.

This problem has become a disease of sorts. We cannot just turn our backs and think that this is not our problem.

The best way is to take an effective counter-measure.

We also have plans to provide financial help for young couples. Maybe they will be made eligible for welfare aid. We will also help them to take very good care of their newborns.

The article really made me felt like punch someone in their face… Hello Mr. Minister, are you that serious????

If I’m 14 years old; have boyfriend/s; I would think that it’s fine for me to do ‘it’ even if I’m not married yet; because even if I got pregnant and there are no one to turn to, there’s always the State Government. I can still go to school if it’s really that matter… I might as well get some money for getting pregnant out of wedlock on top of free married… because my boyfriend might agreed to marry me for that RM500.00. If we were married, we would might getting monthly allowance from the Welfare... that sound great...

Girls; if you ever read this, I hope you are a lot more sensible that the man who made this mad proposition…


  1. Which planet does this CM came from. I thought married at young age or get pregnat is a taboo thing in Malaysia? And who do he thinks will sponsor those kids to school if not their humiliated parents, joining to more of humiliation.
    Talking about effective counter-measure. LOL!

  2. I don't know what kind of father he is if he have kids. He copied the proposition from the West.. and of course for leader like him; whatever come from the West is never not good..