Monday, July 12, 2010

my first kiss 1.0

You have to go beyond my words to exactly catch the so called my-first-kiss. The main subject of those moments wasn’t me or he. It would be two moving vehicles. LOL! I’m just twisted my words here… so please refer to available tag. For my very own first kiss, (writing this sentence already made me euww….) it would be too personal to share and only time can tell when. 
Enjoy reading peeps! 
my first kiss 2.0 would be coming soon… (Erm, like there are lots who will read right!


I've been kissed; last Saturday, around 5 pm somewhere in KL... it was drizzling at that time... could be very romantic though!

how could he? kiss me and blaming me for it...

worst is he won't take any critics for his action... 

I knew it was out of the blue but he is the one who did it... 

did he know that i know about the $300 things? He must think I'm so naive about it...


It's true... I did not know what should I do when it happen... but next time I'll be well prepared... well, let just hope there won't be next time...


 Girls, there are lots of other thing that you should know about being a driver... apart from fill in the tank and polishing...


  1. Wow, i think he is very anxious oso lah ^__^

  2. Kelvin; erm.. just not our lucky day..