Tuesday, July 13, 2010

my first kiss 2.0

It was drizzling… I’m rushing home from the office for I-don’t -remember-why. The traffic was clear but I forgot I’m driving in KL. As I made my way through a corner, the traffic was already at still… luckily I manage to stop my car… then I spot a car behind me… as I was thinking what if it didn’t manage to stop? Bang!!! It kisses my back… luckily my auto-respond is freeing the gear and not pushing the accelerator… or else it would be it’s-not-my-fault-cos-he-kiss-me-first.

Then, got this Satria crossed in front of me… a guy come out. Is he a Tonto? If he is, he is so super fast. Or today is his damn lucky day. Or could the whole I-accidentally-kiss-you is just a plot?

I slowed down my radio. Have no idea what to be done, I dialed Ati’s number. Told her I got into this accident and my whereabouts. She said she is coming right away. A bit relieve there. My hand was shaking so bad… I don’t plan to get out yet so I just lowered down my window… The guy from the Satria came and ask me ‘ade brake ke tadi?’ I was like ‘what????’ then he came again after checking what happened ‘Kak, tak nak turun tengok kereta ke?’ then came another guy in the midst 40’s ‘kereta awak takde ape-ape…’ some sort of assurance there… but it’s not my car condition that really bugged me. I’m terrified because I’m lost of what I should and should not do…

I got out from my car and I saw the it-who-kiss-me was so badly damaged… I can saw the part of the engine. Damn! There was few people on the phone… so I was curi-curi pandang at my car… seem unaffected by the kiss… so I called my brother… briefed him how I got into the mess and told him that the car seem ok… he want to talk to the driver then.. Luckily he was engaged… lol… I disconnected my brother. There were roughly 7 of them… they seem like knowing each other… this is not good especially for me… being the only girl in such scene is not comforting at all…

I asked the driver ‘so, what should we do?’ ‘Nak buat police report ke?’ then he said ‘kite settle luar bole?’ I called my brother again… bla... bla... bla… finally, we decided not to make the police report and will be in touch to discuss on how it should be dealt with.

Other than scratches which can be amended, I have to push the car's trunk so hard to get it close. Not me but Ati… I don’t have such energy. LOL! Ati, Umi, my brother and other few friends told me I should ask him who kissed me to either get the car fix or pay for the bill. So, I have Ati called him. He was very polite… but dared to put the blame on me… and said he preferred if we settle our own bill. Damn! I really love this guy… but Ati wasn’t going to agree with him at all… and finally he agreed to settle my bill if I insisted. Like I'm so  lapar sangat nk duit die… Erm, I’m totally in love with this guy!!!

Then I called another friend. Briefly told him what happened and the car’s condition… he said he could take care of it and also given me the same advice... asking for compensation… the $300 rule… *Grinned there*

Being me, I called he-who-kiss-me and told him that I would settle my own car… I won’t send him any bills or asking for his money… why? Not because I felt guilty for what had happened or kesian and sympathy. It just a decision made… but I’m planning to go to his place someday… just to let him know that it wasn’t my fault that he accidentally kissed me… and to just let him know the cost for amending his inability to avoid the unfortunate scene.

So, there would be my first kiss 3.0 if I ever meet him again…


  1. tak update kite pon psl nih... =((

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  3. afendi ariff; not to say so baik la.. maybe cos i'm thankful cos kereta xde ape2 sgt.. tp if teruk sgt, maybe akan suh my brother settle ngan mamat tue.. :D

    roni; bukan x nk update.. kite nk surprise.. hehe.. surprise x?

  4. wow! lepas nih boleh la langgar kereta u then buat muka suci. konfem x kena bayar. :P

  5. AIdi-Safuan: eh, bole ek cam tu? lps ni nk g beli sticker "PAY IF U KISS ME". :)