Sunday, August 01, 2010

mirror mirror on the wall..

How to be beautiful?

Cosmetics, injections, surgeries… basically if you have $$$, u can choose how beautiful you want to be…

But, is beauty really that matter?

YES! If u keep telling your mind that beauty will get you what ever you want. Or if you secretly wish you are as beauty as Keira Knightley you saw in the magazine. Or when you can’t stop asking ‘ why I’m not pretty????’

They said the feeling of wants and needs to be beauty is in our blood. May be…

How to feel beautiful?

It’s something $$$ can’t buy… it’s free but somehow not everyone could afford to feel beautiful

Sincerity, good intention, compassion and such could actually make your heart smile and feel beautiful.

You can look beautiful in front of thousand mirror but a smiling heart? 

* don't hate me cos I'm beautiful...