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Well, Wiki if you want to know what Vaseline is..

Vaseline for me is good to my lips and skin. Never any lip moisturizer works on my sensitive-dry skin face other than Vaseline. It really a saver whenever my skin breaks out. But some info from Roe’s Best Body Lotion For Dry Skin did makes me a bit worried. Petroleum jelly can cause cancer… that’s not good… so I made some research… with the help of my current Mr.Me… that’s the only source I have… it occurred to me that I should try ring the KKM… but sure whatever-lah.. 

So, here are my findings:

Improper uses - This are things you should know, not only applies for petroleum based products but other cosmetic products too;
• Fresh Burns, sunburn and such
• Nasal congestion or dryness - If particles of petrolatum are inhaled from the nose, they may deposit in the lungs and lead to a condition called lipid pneumonia.
• Sexual Lubricant - Because petroleum jelly is oil-based, it interferes with the structure of latex. Using petroleum jelly with latex condoms weakens the material very quickly, increasing the chance of rupture. Thus it is not recommended for use during sexual intercourse when using a latex condom.

Some myth and fact about Vaseline by in their Shine - healthy living section

Myth: Petroleum Jelly is inexpensive poor moisturizer.

Fact: True, White USP Petroleum Jelly is an inexpensive product but on the contrary it is still the most cost-effective moisturizer used today in the cosmetic industry. Petroleum jelly at minimum concentrations reduces transepidermal water loss (TEWL) by more than 98% and is followed by lanolin, mineral oil, and the silicones, which are effective in the range from 20%-30%. Other substances such as beeswax, stearic acid, shea butter, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and sunflower seed oil TEWL values are below 20%,

Myth: Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) used in hair and skin products is a dangerous chemical byproduct of petroleum or gasoline.

Fact: Refined USP Petroleum jelly is not the same as the “Petrolatum” defined by the Chemical Abstract System (CAS) definition found in the EPA Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Inventory. This CAS number (8009-03-8) applies to an unrefined, heavy, waxy petrolatum material. In fact, United States Pharmacopeias (USP) white petroleum jelly is not a byproduct but is a refined and purified product of heavy waxes and paraffin oils. USP White Petroleum Jelly surpasses the safety standards set by the FDA for use in food and cosmetics products as well as for both the European Union (EU) and Japanese Pharmacopeia Chemical Codes.

Myth: Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) or mineral oil when applied to the skin creates an impassible barrier plugging hair and skin pores (comedogenic).

Fact: There exist no credible scientific studies that prove that petroleum jelly or mineral oil is in fact comedogenic (block skin pores). In reality, the term comedogenic was developed by the FDA to only classify substances that caused acne by blocking facial skin pores. Later, health and nutritional advocates attempted to extend this definition to include products used for the hair and body. However, the term “comedogenic” was never intended to be used beyond the original scope as defined by the FDA. Recently, new scientific studies have resolved the debate. Technical papers published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology (May 24, 2005) and the Journal of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists (1996, vol. 47, pp. 41-48) demonstrated that white USP mineral oil (FG) and white USP petroleum jelly (Vaseline) do not block skin pores.
In layman’s term Vaseline petroleum jelly does not clog skin pores but slowly diffuses throughout the skin lipid layer and even assists the body in skin repair.

A review & discussion on petroleum jelly - - Click on the link for the article but here are some comments:

the good;

Sorry, but I have used Vaseline Petroleum Jelly (only that brand as there is a difference in the other brands of petroleum jelly) for over 30 years as a moisturizer on my face. At 65 I have a good complexion (a bit of Roseacia from dry skin (extra virgin olive oil massaged in before washing the face helps, as well as Desonide cream) and no wrinkles or neck wrinkles. In the northern, cold weather states, Vaseline is a great help in preventing the chapping of the cold winds when one goes out to participate in winter activities. I swear by it. To use, take a small amount about the size of a dime and rub between palms until the warmth of you hands spreads it around and the apply using palms and fingers. It does not stay gooey

Best facial moisturizer by a long shot. I have spent thousands and thousands on all the expensive fancy creams, lotions and potions and I will tell you nothing works like Vaseline (yes there is a difference) petroleum jelly on your face at night. It is nor pore clogging it says so on the bottle, how horrible can it be its meant for use on babys after all. The way your face looks the morning after you use Vaseline is amazing, its so glowing and full. If you rub it together enough it is not greasy at all. I highly suggest trying it out so you can stop wasting your money on the expensive stuff that does nothing.

the bad;

Even if petroleum jelly was safe for our skin (very hard to prove scientifically I would think), do keep in mind that it's derived from fossil fuels

I cannot imagine slathering that comedogenic sludge on my face. Now, don't get me wrong, there are some perfectly good uses for Petroleum jelly. Like preventing rust, making your teeth shiny and keep your lips from sticking to them when you are in the Miss America pageant or if you plan on dyeing your hair, applying to the skin around your hairline so your forehead doesn't come out the same colour as your new hair colour.

Study by EU - Petrolatum - Impurities in Petroleum Jelly or commonly known as Vaseline, under suspicion as a carcinogen in Breast Cancer - Petrolatum Banned in products in the EU - Long term damage to health becoming evident - side effects from impurities in the manufacturing process implicated in causing cancer!

Other good reviews by Zimbo on Vaseline that will make you want to get your own Vaseline right away… LOL  

Environmental Working Group -

They have a very long list of products to avoid or such which will make you go WOW!!! You’d be surprised seeing some familiar brand on the list…

My verdict? I’m yet to decide whether to go or not go with Vaseline… but all the good review and comment are really convincing… convincing enough to makes me hunger for Vaseline… in the other hand, I don’t need Vaseline to feel pretty right? Or would using Vaseline guarantee me to get a young-handsome-rich Mr.Me? Even if it’s, would I risk my health for things that won’t last forever?

But, never accidentally eat your petroleum jelly peeps!


  1. OMG this is a very comprehensive research!! Next time if i need to clarify on anything, i can ask u aa? please. i mmg pemalas research2 ni.. eheheh..

    like u, i read a lot of articles on the pros and cons of petroleum jelly. there are some ppl who said its okay, some said it can cause cancer, etc. to be safe, i took the bad one in mind cos better safe than sorry.

    what i read like as the article here, the petrolatum in lotions are okay, cos its not petrolatum yang dangerous yang derived from apa tah tu kan. tahts why i still berani pakai vaseline lotion. yang i tak berani is the petroleum jelly. lagi2 kalau pakai kat lips.

    what we can do now is actually try a good olive oil, jojoba oil ke.. for lotion, etc. if u find a good one lemme know k darling :)

  2. Roe; u r rite.. better be safe kn.. i'm currently using olive oil based product.. will let u know if it's good k.. :)

    afendi ariff; Hazeline Snow tu kire sepupu Vaseline la tu.. :p

    Kelvin; u r most welcome..