Monday, September 20, 2010

Catching dragonfly

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It’s like yesterday that I caught the dragonfly with my bare hand. Wait for it to park itself onto a tree’s branch or leaves. Walk damn slowly and catch it by the wings. It’s fun. Catch them and make them lift some stuff using their legs. Small rock, small pieces of leaves and such. Feed them and some other thing I should not have done. But, I was a kid back then… forgiven I guest.

The other day, I’ve tried to catch one for my little cousin, Kimi. I’m as excited as him… he never knew one I guest. So he kept saying ‘firefly… firefly… firefly…’ So adorable. It was so hard to catch one. Damn real hard. We patiently wait for it to park itself, I walk slowly but it flew before I could reach them. Even Kimi was in silence mode every time I make my move. Half and hour but we did not managed to get even one dragonfly. So, I take him to visit some chicken and cats instead…

Has the dragonfly evolve since the last time I have fun with them? LOL…

But, do kids nowadays know how to catch the dragonfly? Or did they know that it's fun trying to catch one? Maybe… in Play Station if there such games.


  1. Can't really see a wild dragonfly in SG...we are too urbanize.

  2. seriously? too bad then.. :) but we have a lot here.. can always come here and have all the fun trying to catch one.. :)