Thursday, September 02, 2010


I thought I could just watch her in TV without feeling anything… but my thought is wrong. I felt so ashamed to myself for watching her…

She is phenomenal… she creates a great music so they says… people are always wanted to know what she will wear or will not… LOL! She is lady gaga….

For me; She is disastrous. She is on her way to create a new way of life… in a bad way. She is on her way to make less than less as something acceptable. Thinking of her make me feel sick. Little did she know that she is a moron, she look as if she is from the time before ice age and apart from her over-rated too-much-skin revealing-costumes, she got nothing.

I just could not reason with her too much revealing costume… it’s sickening and I’m so shameful that we have to watch her in such condition… by ‘we’ I mean our children...