Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Have we met before?

Do you know why I heart you? Because I once have someone I loves that look like you…


Have you heard the say that you are closer for closure if you meet all the other 6 people who look like you? SUPERSTITIOUS.

My science teacher when I was Form Two told me that I look like his sister… that explained why he  gave me an extra attention…

There are few other who told me that I look like their sister or friend. A lot actually… it makes me a bit sad sometimes… as if I’m not as special as other for my common face. LOL!

But luckily I haven’t met any of she-who-look-like me because it sure will be awkward… just imagine if you bumped into someone who wear the exact same clothes like you… I’m sure I’ll pretend I did not notice the other person and will try to disappear quickly.

I haven’t received such comments for quite sometimes until just now. It could be a pick-up line right? But I think he is for real…


  1. I thought only 3 will look the same?

  2. Kelvin; haha.. either way it's still superstitious i guest.