Monday, September 27, 2010

What inside my Birkin?

Nothing much... Just another Birkin…

I just envy this one and only Mrs.Beckham because she has lots of Birkin… sob... sob… sob…

Ladies, click on the link on more info about Hermes Birkin…. Something for the eyes I guest!

Put aside Mrs.Beckham and Birkin, here is a story about BAGS and WOMAN.

For woman, the BIGGER the HANDBAG is the BETTER. Like the saying that said the more is the merrier. There are bags for everything… for coins, make-up, keys, hand phone or anything she might have… There might be BAGS inside that BIG HANDBAG. I know someone who has 4 to 5 bags inside her handbag… I myself would have extra bag inside mine… Most of the time, there are more ‘rubbish’ than useful and good stuff inside one’s handbag. Rubbish as if last month Guardian’s receipts, bank transaction slip which the printed already faded, used tissue and such. All scattered around inside those handbag. There were no different given the handbag is BIG or SMALL… there’s always a place for everything inside those handbag… as long as it can fit.. LOL!

I love handbag with 2 or mare compartments. So, I don’t need those extra bags. But I do have lots of those extra BAGS. More than 5 just in case… the MUST HAVE ITEM would be hand phone and the charger, wallet, keys, business card, umbrella, handkerchief, my mini first aid bag, a pen and a hand lotion. Great, it’s not more than 10…

That justify why woman need BIG handbag… to fit in the MUST HAVE item, the NOT SO IMPORTANT things such as a second wallet and the RUBBISH.

To conclude, it’s not that we really love those BIG handbags… it just that it’s in our blood. And we don’t really expect man to reason with our NEED for handbag. Cause we knew you would never understand it…

If she have that BIG handbag and LOTS of it; don’t complaint. It’s the thing of being a woman.

p/s; BIG and LOTS handbag is VERY NORMAL for a woman. Just like how we understand man. It’s normal if he love checking other girls, liar or unfaithful… LOL!

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  1. Birkin is rarer than diamonds lol...u can buy cheap diamonds but u can't buy cheap birkin~

  2. lol.. can only dream about it.. sob!!