Friday, October 01, 2010

7 days

 - this is not a Craig David's song -

It was raining most of the days… we had a beautiful sun just now. it went off already. Look like it going to rain soon… we call it ‘hujan rahmat’ if it’s raining on FRIDAY. But, raining itself is a bless right… stop complaining.

Need umbrella? Giordano give a special rate on raining season right?

All battery in my life suddenly makes alliance to get my attention. Which could create a hole in my pockets… they say that one day machine could fail… and it would fail you too… damn! I definitely need new handphone… BUT no iPhone or Blackberry… too common! But if you have extra, I’m more than willing to accept… *wink*

Fasting in Syawal is so challenging… just like always. With all they kuih raya the stock up in the office, the open house office invitation and the smell of sambal belacan from  my colleague’s lunch packet.

I’m going back to my parents at the end of the day… my weekend would be packed with driving and more fancy foods. No fishing I guest. Looking for a great Monday!

Have a nice & lovely weekend!

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