Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Love letter

Do you have something or someone that makes you comfort?

My parents’ place, eating chocolate, reciting His words, raining and silence are my source of comfort. No matter how bad the day is, those never let me down.

I have a letter from yesteryears that I kept reading for self relieving. To feel good about life. For I know that he is believable and he really what I think he is. So I thought I have it. I’ve been looking for it since last week but it was nowhere to be found. Finally I’ve come to realize that I’ve destroyed it sometimes ago. But I couldn’t remember when or how. I felt so hopeless for not being able to read him again. Because there are times; times like this that comfort comes from it. I’m sure that I’ve destroyed it for a closure and that was it.

Life is so demanding at times..


  1. len x tangkap gambo...
    scan pun okeh...
    at least ada backupnya...

  2. afendi; erm.. too late oredi.. :(

    Hidemichi; u mean?