Wednesday, October 06, 2010

summmer love... Goodbye!

She is the Marion Counter..
Marion who? She is on her to break so many Malaysian women’s heart… Mine excluded, I tell you later why. But, I’m quite agreeing with SM Faisal… he would have told my summer love ‘of all the girl in the world?’ only time will tell if both of them are really heaven match-made.

Have you saw him lately? He is becoming …….. Just look at the photo below:

  and 5 years later...

(sorry, I don't know how to use Photoshop whatsoever.. so just used Paint to gave the so called stretching effect.. LOL)

So, watch out Marion dearie… you better keeps your eyes on him. No, I’m not talking about the other girls-that-would-queuing-to-grab-him… it’s his ability to stretch that I’m concern taking him out of the list. LOL!


  1. hye babe, tgh marah ke? hehe.

    actually i nak invite u to my wedding this sunday. tunggu u online ym but so far tak nampak u. can u come? im inviting chan as well so u can go with him if u want. really hope u can make it. if ok, nnt ill pass u the details and send u a card k?

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  3. afendi; indeed.

    roe; not marah darl.. :)

    anonymous; good day to u too.. so nice of u then.. happy reading and thanks. p/s;your comments really makes me :)