Thursday, December 30, 2010

AFF Suzuki Cup 2010

"Jom ramai-ramai beli Swift!!"

Warning; the entry may cause queasiness, nausea and other related symptom. We are not responsible for any but thanks for reading!!

Khairul Fahmi is the man… We love Khairul Fahmi… - tweeted after the game.. ~
 no need to say more right??

1. There’s no need to write about the game or the cup… cos the thing is we finally got it. That’s matter!
2. Harimau Malaya, Khairul Fahmi – top trending in twitter last night.
3. Despite war going on in Twitter and Facebook, both team behave accordingly and it kind of great game. Thumbs up to both team!!
4. But it’s kind of sad because we did not see Malaysian faces among the supporter and the Jalur Gemilang. (we watched it on National TV then; yup! We have no cable whatsoever!) because I have a friend flying there just to watch the game and she did bring the Jalur Gemilang!!!
5. The bestest part is tomorrow is FRIDAYYY and it’s holiday!

6. The most important is We Love Khairul Fahmi…

It’s the leverage of being a girl. You can enjoy the game and still happy even if the game suck! Thanks to people like Khairul Fahmi… my two cents goes to those girl!

Actually, I fall in love with his ability to get the job done very much well… indeed! Safee is Super Safee and Khairul Fahmi is Super Saver!

Yeah! He is taken but we still love Khairul Fahmi… and there is always another Khairul Fahmi!! ~no offend ya!!

Eh, lupe satu perkara… thanks Mr.PM. We love you… Khairul Fahmi!!


  1. org glam dah mencemar duli nie. haha!

  2. Khairul Fahmi ke? Wow!!! :p

    p/s; Nk no phone bole??