Wednesday, December 22, 2010

♥ D dearest... ♥

Did you know that you are sexy?
Not that I think you are but bald is sexy…
Did you know we talk about you a lot?
A lot than we should… at meals, while watching tv and lots of other time…
Did you know that we know your dinner time?
We are not stalking but you always give us that clue…
Did you that I could recognize you even from the far? LOL!!
Why you never smile every time I smile at you?
Why didn’t you hold the lift for us?
Did we accidentally offend you? Oh, you are such a baby if are….

It’s not that we really crazy about you…
But, I think it is great if we can be like other…

We think you are out of the ordinary…
Did you feel the same bout us?

Just so you know… we 'glad' having you in our life.

D; you are stone-er than stone...

It’s ME D~

p/s; did you know that we live next to you??? And yes, I purposely make that noise just to let you know I’m home!!!


  1. and owh...the stone-er D,
    we 'adore' u more and more each day...

    endingnya patut mcm tu.... =P