Thursday, December 16, 2010

For anything else; there is migraine…


It’s something equal to PMS… but migraine can be torture most of the times… sometimes I felt like banging my head to the wall… or just to sit in total darkness… and not to mention the urge to withdraw everything you eat through vomiting… the nausea, undesirables pain in the head and such… it’s really painful.

Back then, I just took pain killer and it gone… with time, I have to go for a higher dose. It’s scary… but there’s no other way…

Then, I tried peppermint tea. It works but not as good as pain killer. Or I tried to take a nap… then I used the peppermint cream. Massage it around neck and forehead. It did help to ease the pain. Recently my mum bought me a medicated pillow… the pillow is great… I can skip the pain killer… now; I just took the pain killer if the peppermint tea or the pillow didn’t work.

They said coffee and chocolate are the cause of migraine. So, it a BIG NO. Thus, I’ll get a free lecturer whenever I ate chocolate or make a coffee.

Been having this pain-in-the-ass-head for quite some times, I know what I can or can’t.

  • I can’t be exposed to direct sunbeam… the bright sunlight would instantly give me migraine.
  • I can’t stay long in hot and crowded places…
  • Starving… instead of gastric, I got migraine.
  • Pillow… only 100% cotton made by mum… and the one bought by her.
  • Rain drops… especially when it just started… even if it just few drops… the effect would be as if I was exposed to the bright sunlight.

Chocolate and coffee? I did not know how to describe but I don’t heart when people said “I told you so…”

I’m a sucker to chocolate and coffee… period.

I believe that both didn’t contribute to the pain-in-head… erm, I want to believe that…

I used to keep a journal on this pain-in-head stuff… to sort of kept track of what happened. That is why I damn sure that chocolate and coffee won’t give me that pain-in-head.

Thanks to the journal and my mum, I’m now knows how to get away to that pain-in-head. I have extra reason every time they said “x kenyang lagi ke?” or “aik, makan lagi??” LOL! I just happen to have very high metabolism.

And for the sunshine; the fact is we have a lot of sunshine… I always joke that I must have been mistakenly born here… I should have pop up some place like Milan… irrelevant; I know!

Chow… chow… gonna get some latte!!

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