Wednesday, December 08, 2010

If his ex is a HE…

If he is a married man; chances that they will said ‘if he is capable to, what wrong?’ that might be a minority respond I guest…

If he is widowed; it’s is better than married man right??

If he is total loser; maybe he can change right?

If he was gay; jezz…. I’m speechless.


10 years ago it was an odd… but nowadays gay is like drug addict… common but still taboo…

We don’t talk about it because they told us that it is one of the ‘sensitive issues…’

We know it was wrong but they told us that it is not us to decide… I said ‘haven’t you heard the history?’

ISLAM is the most straight forward religion in term of what can and what can’t. If something is outlawed 100 years ago, it is and will always outlaw now or later on.

Why Islam outlaw gay?

Imagine this; let say we put 100 gays in an island. Let them be independent on how they want to live their life. What will happen in 50 years? I can’t really comment but one thing for sure is it will be 100 or less of them. And with time, they will become dinosaur… extinct. Scientifically because sperm + sperm can’t resulted into another gay…

The above is not written in any Islamic books or whatever… just an example. In Islam, one of Muslim responsibility is to breed a child who would eventually spread out the value of Islam. But how it will possible if you are gay? Pardon me if I’m wrong…

Gay so as others morally sickening behaviour are becoming less and less taboo and commonly associate as ‘sensitive issue’. It’s more sickening when we are make to accept it and can but did nothing to deter it.

I’m against gay not just because it is wrong but because of it, I could possibly not being able to meet those eyes that melt my heart…. worst is my husband's ex is a HE… jezz!!!! Or my son chooses to be gay because it’s acceptable… the later is just a saying!!

I couldn’t help but eeuww-ed every time I heard Adam singing the ‘If I Have Don't You’. The thought ‘he sing the song to a he’ alone is rather annoying.


  1. Gays is a good idea to deal with exploding population now XD

  2. LOL! was it the reason why more men become gay? haha...

  3. it was rather difficult to understand this post, i'm sure you could have sent a clear message if its written in malay perhaps. just saying, coz as a reader, i would like to understand what i'm reading, be it in english or malay.
    just to add, who are we to judge and blame, when The Almighty didn't put us in the exact same test and situation as those people? of course it is wrong, but then again, wouldn't it better for us to pray that one day, Allah will open up their hearts to change and give them His guidance towards the right path?

  4. Anonymous; thanks.. sorry if this entry is a bit confusing to you.. basically, I'm a bit frustrated that this kind of problem was not being address correctly.. And I believe that something should be done.. but, praying to Allah is a good thing to do right.. because gay or not, we are brother and sister.. btw, I'm my Malay is definitely better than my English but I just can't write a decent entry in Malay.. :)