Friday, December 10, 2010


I never wake up in the middle of the night to pee… NEVER

I never get up in the middle of the night just because I’m STARVING. I did few times woke up but never thought of getting up and get something to eat… maybe I should one day… it sound cool and maybe I should go to sleep with an empty stomach…

I’m xs. I’m skinny and the fact that I’m so tall makes me skinnier… there are few people I know that always said “shida, you are so skinny… x nampak cantik la…” seriously I’m offended and those words really took my esteem. I got sad easily every time people ‘compliment’ how skinny I am. Actually I’m not that easy to get affected by others’ perception or words. If you happen to give such ‘complimentary’ of how ‘great’ I look, you will be on the I-don’t-care list. The funny thing is those people skip meals because they want to be skinny…

I have migraine as excuses… LOL! Crowded places, the afternoon sunbeam, most pillow, heat and starvation cause me migraine. Most of Sunday sunbeam caused me migraine. So I prefer to stay inside my room or places with no direct sunlight. I have no connection with Edward Cullen… just so you know!

I heart to imagine myself as a Chartered Accountant with Master in Physiology. Maybe in 10 years time I would be sitting in an office waiting for client… beside those jezz-y numbers, I’m just listening to their issues. 

~have a nice weekend peeps!!


  1. Skinny is better than being fat T_T

  2. kawin cepat....nanti boleh berisi sket...

  3. Kelvin; T_T

    afendi ariff; heh! x mau la...