Thursday, December 30, 2010

saya Bujang, saya OK!

We love Khairul Fahmi… :D irrelevant!

‘kalau boleh, semalam dh saye nk kahwin!!!!’ it’s never easy to answer that one over-rated question….

Then; ‘memilih sangat kot?’ HA-HA!! Such a biased assumption because how come we can be choosy when there is none to choose from?

Then; ‘la… so, when then?’ When I said ‘the things is, I’m not ready yet…’

Just when I thought that there are plenty of fish in the sea… it’s the matter of time before you-know-right? (Felt so lame to write those sentences)… and just when I quite agree with the saying that ‘fate doesn’t work on time’… there are then people offered me lifelines… can I just says ‘can you hold that for me for seconds?'

At this moment; I just want to enjoy the easiness of being with myself…

It’s ‘singletini’ they call.