Saturday, December 04, 2010

The so much over-rated list…

… maybe some!!. So, here is my incomplete-yet-not-so-much-over-rated list;

  • Tall, dark and handsome…. (It’s the standard criteria right??)
  • Nice smile
  • Makes me laugh whenever I need one
  • Love kids
  • Respect the elderly
  • Not penny-pinching
  • Don’t leave the dirty clothes around the house
  • Won’t frown when I said chores
  • Don’t expect the especially-by-me-meals to be as good as his fav mamak or Pak Abu Tomyam…
  • Eyes that melt my heart...
Once the item on whatever list you have become editable, then only you can see the light…

Just like those spirit on Melinda Gordon series (it’s Ghost Whisperers actually), “I saw the light before… “, “Oh, it’s so beautiful over there…” and then Melinda would say “she went to the light…”

I didn’t mean that light but the concept is about the same… you have to let go some in order to gain some…

Because I believe that people are editable… and I’m editable…


  1. 'Eyes that melt my heart...' auuuwwww. haha

  2. I think u have to breed by yourself to get those on the list haha