Friday, December 03, 2010

That small house with BIG kitchen…

… is that too much for me to ask???

Someone asked me “nak kenal tak dengan my friend?”

I asked him “bole tak die beli rumah yg ade big kitchen… I mean really BIG one..”

He said “tak nak la tue…”

Don’t blame me… blame Aliff & Sime Darby!!!

Of all the so called life lines… there is one that I keep thinking of… she asked me “dah ade boyfriend ke?” I just grinned… because at that time there was this boy who kept me tangled… was he then… then she said something that makes me want to call her and said those words. I haven’t decided how to tell her I need that without sound so desperate… She then said “kalau nak, bagi tau akak ye…” it’s like she have a line up… LOL!!!

Beside that BIG kitchen, can I that shiny round thing from Tiffany… I’m fine if the rock is not as BIG as my kitchen…

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