Sunday, January 02, 2011

!!!!my little fireworks!!!!

this is how we spent the last public holiday of 2010... shopping for beads... and knitting! and watched the fireworks from the balcony! finished both side of the my kurung's sleeves by the midnight... yeah!! 

* leaving the unnecessary luggage behind!  


  1. Wah, boleh la Shid buat kan Effa punya pulak! Btw, loves reading ur blog! ;)

  2. Effa; thanks dear.. erm, ati pn dh start tau.. :) nti shid organise beads club k.. bole jahit manik n gossip2!! n makan2!! :D

  3. My chinese girl-friend got a very beautiful kurung too. Its a very nice costume:)

  4. afendi ariff; :)

    Kelvin; it's a norm i guest.. now everybody wear Kurung.. and I also love those Indian's sari.. and would love to buy myself a nice n simple cheongsam.. (hope I spell it right..)