Tuesday, January 11, 2011

*run baby run*

Back then, when I was 14… there was this boy… said he likes me… and I run away!! He turned out to be so sweet and I kind of like him but still, I run away!

Then, when I was 18… there was this boy… he wrote a poem for me… he said he did write them himself…. I can’t remember the poem but it was so sweet… and again, I run away!

Recently, someone write a message on the skies for me… not exactly in the skies but he sent me that message… I just wish he didn’t… and I’m about to run again!!!

I don’t know but I keep running from thing I long the most…

I need tiiiimmmeeee!!! Maybe Travie McCoy is right!


  1. jgn tunggu lama2...
    nanti lama2...

  2. running towards SUBcD or to d 6th floor of B4 of VAC....

    p/s: time is running out too....

  3. affendi; nanti lame2 ape ye? :D

    roni; burn baby burn! hehe..