Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wedding preparation 1.0

Did you know??

That there are over at least 96 main things need to be taken care for a wedding preparation.

Under each item, there will be at least 5 sub-item need to be taken care… please do the math there.

I get it from the template I found on Microsoft. Not so long ago, I’ve received one which consist much more checklist box than this one… it madness!

Ever wonder why people are interested in wedding planner industry??

Those so called bride & groom are so willing to spend on marriage reception.

Going through such list is exciting/heaven/oh-my-God-there’s-many-I-haven’t-done/nonsense/waste of money/tiring/nerve breaking.... got the feeling?? LOL!


‘die pandang Shida… akak nampak’

‘Tak kot…’

‘ye, die pandang hang…’

‘ntah-ntah die pandang akak… mane tau die nak tanye akak ade adik ke..’

'Banyak la hang...’

Ke die pandang sungai?’

'You should make an eye contact with him la...’

'A’ah… hang tak pandang pun die…’

'Saya malu!’

to be continued... I hope so :)


  1. afendi; erm.. but there might be wedding preparation 222.0 :p

  2. did u know, that there will be 96 times of things to be taken care of after the wedding with 5 sub theme consisting: in laws,children,work,home,marriage itself...please don't do the math or else you'd never get married hahaha

    nice post ;)