Thursday, February 17, 2011

Like a Cinderella

You know Cinderella? Her beauty was hidden behind the smears, dirt and dirty clothes. Her life was gruesome most of the time. She has a family but never felt love… She was a servant rather that a daughter or a sister. Nobody cares except when things need to be done… poor girl! She was indeed a kind hearted girl because she wasn’t complaining… she seeks happiness by singing for herself… and the rest is history!

I felt like Cinderella… scratch all the beauty, lovely and the prince charming part… I’m a blind spot! You are there but who care? ‘I’m sorry but I didn’t saw you…’ there are times where I love this ‘You’re nobody’ thought… No one seems to care so I could just slip away… with times, I getting good at isolating myself from everything… it hurt but I live!

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