Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Mechanic & Me

The Mechanic… I knew I have to watch this movie… it’s my kind of movie… just like The Peacemaker, Batman & Robin, Intolerable Cruelty… Opss! That is the other kind of my have-to-watch-movie… LOL… Con Air, The Peacemaker, License To Kill, The Godfather, The Assassin and such… when there are the bad guy, the good guy, action pack and some cool gadgets such as weapon and more weapon… LOL!!! Not those kind where the battle is human V alien, alien V robot, human V robot and vice versa…

And I knew I have to watch it by myself… because cool people such as snipers, assassins or secret agents wasn’t suppose to have a human… I mean as a friend, family or someone special… They are a loner… So, it would just be The Mechanic and Me today!

I do think I’m best to be ‘a loner’; currently. Just to reflect my life as it is now… Sound pathetic? I hope The Mechanic won’t disappoint me as some other things in life right now… I can’t officially talk to him because I’m on leave right now… these are the time during the month where I miss him terribly… I always felt the need to talk to him in such a proper way… We miss something when it’s gone… Always!

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