Monday, February 21, 2011

Miss Auditor

I was browsing my phone book the other day… and I came across this name ‘miss auditor’. I have no idea who is this miss auditor… it would be great if it’s mr.auditor instead… I could just call and ask…. :)

The miss auditor is actually an acquaintance I meet during the recent seminar I’ve attended. She did tell me her name but I didn’t get it. I was hesitated to ask her to repeat it again… then, I just key-ed in miss auditor when we exchanged our contact number... with hope that I will recall her name later… until now, she will always be the miss auditor…

I’m really bad at remembering others name… unless if you tell me ‘I’m Bond, James Bond!!’ Sure will I remember yours... LOL!

I remembered watching one of the Martha Stewart’s show. She invited an expert in remembering strangers’ name. It’s important to remember one’s name the first time… because it you are not, it was either you are not paying attention or you are not interested. You did not want to give that impression right? I don’t. The guy gave few useful tips. I don’t really remember most of it but he said about association. Try to associates him or her with anything that will help you remember. Example; you meet a girl, she wears those Betty’s glasses… and let say her name is Alia… you can either acknowledge her as Alia, Betty’s BFF or Malaysia’s Betty is Alia. (P/s; this sort of association and acknowledgement is for yourself only… LOL!) Another tip is repeating their name during the initial conversation. It will help your brain to register and keep the name better. This can be applied only if you catch their name when they first mentioned it… LOL!!! And if you don’t, just said ‘I’m sorry but I have a hearing problem…


  1. ahhh im sooo bad with names too!! not good if i planned to own a business one day. gotta remember the customers' names!

  2. jiran sebelah bilik =DFebruary 24, 2011 at 7:58 AM

    i think i'm good in remembering people's name...
    but once forgotten, it will be like, forever....

    by the way, it's been a while we haven't have our chit chat.....
    did u still remember my name? =P

  3. roe; maybe u can try the tips.. it works for me.. btw, we should really meet kn.. nti bile u dh balik kl, kite meet up k.. :)

    jiran sebelah bilik =D; I will never ever forget u... urs already sealed in my heart.. n it's been a while kn... :)