Thursday, March 03, 2011

14 Feb 2011

We would associate the 14 Feb to Valentine first…. right?

A gift is to be kept… but what about if someone gave you something and they purposely signed it off and dated it 14 Feb 2011? If I ever kept it, there are chances that maybe in 20 years time, someone might ask me; Oh, who is this? Was he your Valentine then?’

Someone gave me a book… as a gift. He likes it so much and recommended me to read it. Before I went off yesterday, I thought of reading it… maybe the first page… because it’s period kind of novel… To my surprise, he signed it off and dated it… what-the-whatever!!!! Is this some sort of Valentine’s gift?

Luckily nobody knows about anything… about how he sort of giving me the novel… the novel he carried around since… How could he do this to me???

The novel is likely to be under my desk forever… or anyone up for a free novel? :p


  1. afendi ariff; not him.. :(
    roe; erm... I can't tell u about it here.. a bit public, maybe some other time... :)