Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to live within your means?

I found an article that gave 10 ways to live below/within your means… 

1. Redefine your definition of ‘rich’ – rich shouldn’t be define as driving the most expensive car but having enough money to meet the basic needs, a few of your wants and be able to give some to others
2. Borrow & Share – borrow a DVD from friends and vice versa… instead of buying & renting…
3. Avoid the mall – need I say more? Ask any shopaholics you know…
4. Buy cash – (READ; your own cash…) you can’t spend money you don’t have… Debit cards? You can go over your account balance.
5. Find a better deal – compare
6. Stick to a long-term investment strategy – spread your investment over several mutual funds and a few individual stocks.
7. Stay healthy! – Medical problems drain your bank accounts
8. Prepare for a rainy days – life isn’t always about roses and cupcakes! LOL!!
9. Avoid impulse buying – buy things you really need.
10. Time is money – manage your time properly. Focus on tasks that give you the absolute most return.



  1. Great! kena lak time baru dapat bonus ni... make my dream plan semua terencat!kui kui kui.
    Nasib baik you provide me with hand brake sid.

  2. huh!lama jgk tak tulis blog ni ye....
    frust takde idea jgk ke?