Saturday, April 23, 2011

trying to beat that 1000

Amitha Bachan writes at least 1000 words a day in his blog…. He sure has lots to write or he just simply can write anything… he might write about dhal, curry, nan, prata…. Or about his handsome son and Aish… actually he writes about everything… and being at his age, he surely has lots to share with the world… maybe I should check him out, for some inspiration or so…

I’ve cut one of my finger accidentally… during works. It’s really a minor cut… I often got a cut from paper… lots of it but this one was from the cabinet… this cut actually slowed down everything… I have to hold the door using my elbow, I spent longer time in the bathroom, I typed this entry with extra care cos I ‘m avoiding using my ring finger and so on. This cut makes me remind what that wise man said “I cursed the fact that I have no shoes, till I saw a man with no feet”.

Recently, I met a guy in some unfortunate event that happened to my friend. He was with his friend who indeed involved in that unfortunate event. While his friend and my friend solving the unfortunate event with the authorities, we had a little chit-chat… then he asked ‘dah kahwin?’. I often classified that as a motive kind of question. And it’s not… I guest! So I told him the truth… and he said “kesian”. I was like what???? I’m not 40 and even if I’m 40, it was the least appropriate word to say to someone who you barely knew. I wish he knew! Cos he don’t even know me or know my name….

I’ve seen in a magazine awhile ago about Michael Douglas. He walked his daughter to school. But it more like a grand-dad walking his grand-daughter… he is 60 something and his daughter is barely 7 or 8… but he is Michael Douglas! Then, there is also a picture of Jude Law with his son, Rudy who is 9 years old. Jude is approaching 40s. And I said to myself ‘Poor Jude!’. LOL!!!! Was it worth it? And will it works to start a family when you are not that young? When others are two steps in front of you? I don’t know when it started but I’ve said it often that it actually sound like a perfect plan; married after or by 30 and have as much as kid before 35. Thanks to Jude law, that perfect plan I’ve kept from forever looks ‘kesian’. At this juncture, life is beyond unpredictable…. Suddenly I was thinking about ‘married for companionship’ concept! LOL! Blame it on TV!

This entry is becoming so rojak…

I bought a shoe. I’m a sucker for shoes! A real sucker!!! LOL! I love observing… about everything… especially people, especially beautiful people, especially women whit that sexy and flirtatious heels! I can’t resist! Back to my shoes, for me it sexy, flirtatious and I could need a new pair of working shoes. Have you heard that before? I could use a new heel, I haven’t bought any shoes in a month or I should buy this one because …….. That was merely justification for a relationship between woman-shoes that men could never ever understand… back to my shoes, I bought it after my third visit to the store. See, I’m trying to just-try-and-look but it couldn’t be helped. I just have to buy it! Even it doesn’t really that comfort to walk in it. But like I said, I just have to buy it. So, it’s mine. I wore it first time to the office. If the shoe is a guy, I’ve dumped it right away. It changes they way I walk, it was painful to walk with it and I just didn’t know why. The proportion seems normal, the heel is perfectly sexy and I just don’t know what was wrong with it. I hate the feeling every time I wear it but I guest I’ll wear it until it really breaks me… or until I got another pair of shoes. Looks like I could use another pair of working shoes… and walking shoes… another pair of driving shoes but I definitely need a jogging shoes. Desperately!

I’ve been checking my word count to check if I’ve reach 1000 words yet. LOL! and I guest I could never achieve it just with randomly write about rojak stuff like this. Ha-ha… the truth is I’ve so many things to write… but each of my entry either stuck in first paragraph or first sentence. It’s bad. Maybe I should go and read that old guy’s blog, for some inspiration and motivation.

Word count; 787.

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