Friday, May 20, 2011


One of my friend will ym or fb chat me on Friday at 1800, for most of the time. He would tell me to go back… chill out… basically to have a life. LIFE! Just like today… and I’m almost answer him ‘xpe, aku kn loser…’

If I did, I would felt worst than a loser itself. I did not think or want to be one but it’s likely than I’m living a life of a loser. Working late on most of the day especially FRIDAY and my weekend would be either going back to my parents place or office. Does that spell L-O-S-E-R?

Loser; No need to pretend to be one… because it’s LOSER!

Life is much more than pretending to be a LOSER, or wanting to be a LOSER, or thinking whether or not you are a LOSER or a Loser times two.

Hypothetically, I’m fine with my life. I’m happy. Can loser feel happiness? If can, I can be a happy loser… LOL!


  1. it will always be mimpi yang sempurna for me :)

  2. erm.. thanks. it's an inspiration for me then..