Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No Fair Game…

‘cantik lah bibir awak…’

That I would never ever say to anyone… maybe to that someone after he said ‘I do... I do... I do… do… do… do…’ in front of the Tok Kadi…

If ever a man said that to me… that would be the end. If ever a man said that to me during my 8 to 9 course of life, I might sue for sexual harassment. LOL!

But what if it was said by some married woman to another married man? For some it may be just a compliment, or freedom of expression or freedom of whatever but it's for me a moral issue.

My friend shared what her friend said to her. He said that girl nowadays have to play it aggressively. According to him, some woman would do just anything to get a man. Just anything. And she without hesitation told him that if that is the case, she passes!

If the game is indeed unfair, why bother playing?

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