Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yang sempurna

What is perfection? 11/10? I can’t think of any thing I’ve done or achieved so far that is perfect.  it’s not easy. But, we demand for perfection. Can we have perfection?

To have the so called perfect life, we need a perfect someone to be the perfect husband/wife… that is the most perfect plan. We live our life with the thought of wanting that perfect someone to be the perfect whatever.  It just so hard to consider just any someone could be that perfect whatever. Indeed!

What we don’t realize is that perfect someone could be forever to be found until we can keep the perfection aside. Don’t worry; sooner or later such perfection would fly through out of the window… yes, it when all the whatever-list become just a nice smile/any nice man.

And you sure don’t want to finally have to justify your spouse-less self with ‘there is not even someone in this tiny little world who is perfect to fit in my so called perfect plan.’ But if you have, best of luck then…

My perfect list? Erm, I’m going to have to amend it... LOL!!!

credit to these blog; mencari ke'perfect'an & Mencari Kesempurnaan



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