Sunday, June 26, 2011


I was stopped by a guy yesterday… ‘kak, nak tanye.. blok 4 kt mane ye?’ With such confidence I said ‘oh, dekat belakang car park tu…’ it was my unit’s bulding. ‘terima kasih ye..’ ‘sama-sama’ and I walked away… All of sudden, I turned to him and ‘erm, sorry ye… saye x pasti la.. saye rase blok 4 is that one…’ in the end, I asked him to go to the building I guest is the one he was looking for and asked any guard man who suppose to guard that area.

I’ve been living there for three years and I didn’t know which one is which. Sometimes when people asked ‘eh, duk blok mane?’ I would have to think before answering…

That guy must have thought that I’m new or a visitor just like him… because he saw me going toward my block… or else he would think I’m nut or blur or whatever.

Note for future ME; it’s Sunday and I’m in the office… hope your Sunday is better than mine!

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  1. pressure blh buat kita blur...
    er...under pressure jgk ke?