Friday, October 21, 2011

his three inch heels

If there is something that I could wear and give me the same exact feeling a heel can give, I swear I won’t wear a heel again!!!!!!!!!!

But, there isn’t… isn’t?

Here is the story… last afternoon, I saw a boy if his name is Samad, he want to be called Sally. He always with his Angeline’s sunglass even when it was 7 in the morning… carrying a fashion-statement handbag… and always in his ‘cardigan-for-girl’ cardigan. All that did bother me but I’m not interest. He is grown up and can think for himself. But, the other day I saw him walked with a 3 inch heels. I was like ‘why??????? Why you have to do this to me????? And to make thing worst, we shared a lift. There were only three of us. He went out before us, so as he walked out from the lift, my eyes followed his… heels. It was black and it has a lace material on it… I definitely won’t wear such heels. lOL!

And now I felt like I have to wear a much more better heels than him… I hate that feeling!

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