Tuesday, October 04, 2011

I hate it when I need to need a chocolate….

My eyes keep blinking for few seconds on and on since yesterday. Not because someone is missing me or any other saying that associates with it but because I’m tense. Simply because the lousy management of the building simply renovate the wash room without even notifying us and it won’t completed soon. Their progress is no progress at all. They started the work last Saturday and been idle since yesterday. WTFish!!!!!!!!

Our landlord and the owner of the building are not in a good term. There is some sort of history between them and I suspected that the whole thing is just a conspiracy… LOL! But to me, it is fishy.

The thought of having to use others’ washroom alone is really bothered me. I’m not a big fan of public toilet. Can’t recall going to one to do the ‘business’. I’m using the public toilet just to wash my hand or to use the mirror… to check myself of course. With exception to last September when I used the airport washroom to refresh myself because we stranded there for more than six hours. Other than that, I prefer to hold myself until I’ve reach home.

With the no progress renovation work with the wash room, we have to 'tumpang' the other level washroom. The wash room is clean and well kept but the fact that I’m going to have to share it with a bunch of strangers I never meet or know for a period seems indefinite is enough to make me nut.

I’m thinking of asking for a permission to work from home… but just forget about it.

I need chocolate… lots of it!

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