Wednesday, October 26, 2011

leaving the politic to the politician...


The issue surrounding the suspension of Prof Dr Abdul Aziz Bari can be call one of the sensitive issue. Everyone wants to have a say and me included. Here because I’ve no FB.

“… Aziz to focus on his career as a constitutional law lecturer by publishing more research papers in international law journals. He need not voice his opinions at Pas assemblies or other opposition meetings but should concentrate on being an academician and leave politics to the politicians’ – then said by Datuk Syed Hussien Al-Habshee. And my two cents for who-ever-he-is is “WTF?” and have some sense.

Why can’t someone who is indeed of a sound mind and judgement make a comment or giving his two cents towards whatever issue there at? If he is wrong, tell him so. Or you want to write a script for everyone? Can you?

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  1. and talking about freedom of speech.
    Is the later live in a cave or some sort?