Sunday, October 30, 2011

The so called PMS.

It’s real… as Roe said it. It’s not something that we purposely create to excuse our not so proud attitudes. It‘s in our blood and there’s nothing we could do about it. We could try our bestest to control it but there’s nothing we could do if it was not good enough.

Sometimes it’s purely emotion… so you have to suck it up when deal with one.

I’m currently having it. Hope could justify the above.

I’ve read something on my FB. By the way, I have one contingency FB accounts! And suddenly I felt like I’ve lost my bestie to someone and I hate it. And so many others thought that purely driven by PMS. Thus, it’s better kept them within my thought and the PMS.

Bottom line is the thought is baseless and if it’s not, it’s really beyond me. There are others that will stick around and life is so long, you’ll found few others. PMS driven peep talk.

Sunday+office+PMS = my sundae melted before I could enjoy it!

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