Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Word of comfort

I owed Solitaire RM439.00. They said the machine will fail you someday… today is one of the day for me… and to all Malaysians who use Streamyx.

And if you think men are unreliable, machines are worst. What are the purposes of having all those sort of tech if you can’t really rely on it right? 

You know, when someone said to you something which you think they don’t really mean it. There are chances that you are right.

Have you ever said something and you don’t really mean it?

For whatever it was…

Someone told me an old saying… that if you eat something from somebody’s plate, you will remember that somebody for the rest of your life. Then, literally said to me ‘I’m so sorry… I’ll have you in my mind forever.’ just because he ate some onion from my plate..  I’ve messed up so many times and will stick around for some more… sure you will remember me…'

And I hope he know that the pleasure is always mine… I meant for him to know, someday!

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