Thursday, November 17, 2011

10-1 = 9+1

If you have ten finger attached to your palm, be thankful. For, there are others who have less ten fingers but still be thankful for not having it.

Recently, I’ve accidently cut my little finger and only realized it when I saw the cut. Just a minor cut and it did not bleed at all. I was actually doing some cleaning at the time. Once I know about the cut, I’ve started isolated that very finger. And the works which was quite handy become a bit hard. Just because I’m working with nine finger.

How do you take care of yourself? And do you?

Use umbrella even when it just a drizzle, get enough calcium for your bones, eat healthily and don’t be reckless with your body... you may need it longer than you expected.

And appreciates what you have before it gone. You never know what you’ll miss until it’s gone. Appreciate your parents while they were still around.

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