Tuesday, November 01, 2011

guilty pleasure!!!!!!!

It’s a sin for some, but for some it’s heaven.

Glad I dragged myself and the migraine to cold storage yesterday afternoon. Bought all the ingredients before went home. Almost buying a boot from Bonia but thanks to the migraine… LOL!

Feel free to indulge with me…. Via the photos, of course of my 5 minutes to the bestest guilty pleasure…

now u see me...

... now u don't! 
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The how? Just dump few tablespoon of baking flour, sugar, unsweetened cocoa, milk, olive oil, chocolate chips and walnut into a mug, mix it evenly and microwave it for 3 minutes. For recipe, click here.

And the taste? I’m not going to over-praise myself but it was gooddddddddddddd!! It compact but the texture is soft. The chocolate chips melted in your mouth and I’m glad I omitted the egg and add walnut in it… should add more of it next time. 


  1. sila buatkan utk saya b4 cuti raya haji...
    it's a must!!!! =P

  2. erm, senang sgt nk buat nie... sambil buat susu fahim pn bole siap.. :)