Thursday, November 17, 2011


Going back to the time when II was 15... It was 14 years ago... Wow, I’m 29! *scary*

Back then, life for teenagers would be more or less the same. We seldom asked money from our parents. What they gave was what we got and we spent it accordingly. Sometimes, we will ask for some money... some! to buy twisties, or the stupid water gun and such. Then, when our parents said something like NO or TAK BOLEH it mean NO. We don’t really argue with that. Life moves on! And when we sulking or got scolded, we gave them the silent treatment or went out and play with our mates. Then, came home before the sun down and we don’t even remembered that we were sulking before. Love; yeah... for unlucky some, they fall for that puppy love. Maybe a date at McD, make a round or two inside the shopping complex or exchanged of love letters. That was pretty much of it, nothing really complicated. And we grew up just fine... most of us.

Then, the now teenager. They thought their parents have all the monies in the world. They don’t ask, but demand and expect their parents to be able to provide such money they asked. Their toys cost hundreds at least. And when their parents said something like NO, they said never mind!!!! If ever the parents raise their voices, they run and didn’t come home and for some, it’s for forever. There are no perfect words to their ears. The worst is they want to know everything right away. There’s no such thing as puppy love because they went straight to you-know-what. How scary is that?

And one more things, they don’t know how to take thing easy... life seems so complicated to them. They need to learn to slow down a lot, to act their age and to girl, stop shaving your eyebrow.

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