Friday, November 04, 2011

Words of the day...

image from Google

My boss always has words for the day to be shared with me. Just like today. His words was ‘live every moments of your life... every moments of it... don’t wait until you become the person in front of you.... he referring to himself. I just nodded and smile...


I don’t know how but he noticed my new boot. LOL! He said to his PA ‘cantik tapi saya tak boleh la pakai...’ and I’m just laughed. Then, he summoned me to his room and said ‘come, sit... I just want to admire your shoes... ‘ LOL! And he did, then shared me his words of the day.

That’s my boss.

And my boot, it’s love at the first sight! 


  1. yup..he is one of a kind.. x pernah marah2 even if die kene marah ngan client. :)

  2. He??? I thought she. If he of course je wont fit in yours.haha.
    Anyway i think boots are cool. In fact, the boots are made for walking, others dont.hehe

  3. indeed bro.. boots are made for walking, others are made to make others envy.. bole? hehe...

  4. =) aik.. nape umi x dpt plak ye kak? hohoho~

  5. hehe.. umi kene la lalu dpn boss bile pakai kasut baru.. :p