Saturday, December 31, 2011

awkward moments

I’m a bit clumsy at times especially in front of a cute guy… LOL! I also love talking to myself or often I found myself rhyming a song a bit louder than I’ve supposed.

I was walking the other day, noticed ‘D’ car and sort of hye-ing it complete with my chirpy face expression. Little did I know that there was a guy walking towards me and an uncle standing not so far from me, facing my direction. 

I was walking towards my apartment, rhyming some malay-old rock song… it a bit too loud but it was too late because there was a guy walking behind me and passed by me while I was slowing down my volume… luckily we did not share the lift. 

Passed by a stall selling fruits once I paid for my roti canai the other morning. Few second later, the container full with fruits dropped with a big bang. I looked back and so few people inside the HCC. Also, a guy ahead of me… shocked as I am. Felt they were staring at me rather that the container... LOL! I was asking myself ‘did I do that?’ “I guess it was because of the wind...” I’ve said to the guy… luckily he agreed with me. And luckily it was quite windy at that time… 

While having a catch up session with someone, he paused for my response or comments or anything. But, I couldn’t find any words to response. So, I just smiled. 

Felt like a guy was staring at me when I was walking by myself. Then, he accidently dropped his keys when I caught his eyes. Damn!

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